“7 Budding Photo Collectives” – Wired Magazine

Posted on May 21, 2012

Boreal Collective featured in Wired Magazine

“We are not dedicated solely to projects revolving around the environment, but the Boreal Forest covers 60% of Canada and symbolically represents a beautiful, mysterious part of the world we live in,” says founding member, Brett Gundlock . . .

Gundlock says forming the collective “just made sense.”

“I had been working on edits with Ian and Aaron for a year prior, Rafal was sleeping on my couch and Jonathan was a hotshot,” says Gundlock. “Right now we are all moving forward with our practices, seeing one of us do something great and then talking to them on Skype during one of our meetings is really motivating. Right now, Boreal doesn’t need a lot of collective attention. It is running well, so sometimes we cyber chat just to catch up.”

View the whole feature at http://www.wired.com/rawfile/2012/05/photo-collectives/?pid=2425&viewall=true